Aim Assist

This was actually made to poke fun at aim assist in video games. Really, they’re not a whole lotta help. You aim, very carefully, and then it nudges radically because the enemy twitched alittle.

Anyway, here it is 

It was a rough start, comic wise, this week but a very enjoyable one. Not a whole lot to talk about, except looking forward to Friday. Sleep late, and possibly going to the beach with my wife. Yay!

Oh Fuh

This week’s comic Akina continues beating up ‘ol Cromwell. 

image So yeah, the married life. It’s not as bad alot of people told me. Though it is just the start. The only struggle we’re really facing is financial, but we expected it. Hopefully not for very long, though.

Still, we’re very happy and I hope and pray that it stays that way. I have a bad habit, act first; think later. I really have to fix that. I love seeing her smile, knowing that she’s happy.

So yeah, ‘nuff ‘bout that. Free Comic Book Day is coming up, and I need to talk to Rouge’s Comics regarding an artist table. They said they usually set something up for local artists. They also said I probably won’t make it far here in the valley.

Fun fact: Rio Grande Valley, consists of Starr County, Hidalgo County, Willacy County, and Cameron County.

But yeah, I agree, though because people down here are stingy. What I gotta do is hit a con like SanJapan. One day…

Anyway, I got hit with writes’ block now, so I don’t know what to write at this point, just wanted to put something up. Hope I didn’t bore you! :’D And enjoy this week’s comic!

New page today!

It was suppose to have been uploaded yesterday, but I was exhausted! I only had enough energy to set up my wife’s surprise and give it to her. She loved it. So mission accomplished. =)

The zoo this past weekend was pretty cool. Several new stuff that I haven’t seen before. Didn’t make it in time for the new pizzaria. The entire zoo closes at 5pm, and it was 5:05 by the time we got to the pizzaria. Oh well.

Something to look forward this week, Captain America! Our first premiere. I may sound cheesie or corny or what have you, but I love my wife and our first time of everything. They’re memorable to me and I’m sure they’re just as memorable to her. =)

Theater Shooting victim sues

What people will sue for! UGH!

So this one scumbag is sueing the theater where the shooting took place. The shooter’s doctors, and Warner Bros. Why? The theater for negligence about the emergency exits. There were no alarms triggering it when opened, let alone not guarded. The doctors for failing to monitor his medication, and Warner Bros because this particular movie was “too violent”. Said that the shooter imitated some of the scenes in the movie. Seriously, the shooter was bad for what he did, but people like that one guy make me just as equally sick. What they will do for a quick buck. And what’s worse, I’m pretty sure he’ll win. -_-

Batman Midnight showing

So I went to go see Batman and the movie was great. Three hours long, but it was still really good. Never a dull moment.

I went dressed as Commissioner Gordon, and a friend went as the Bats himself. Another went dressed as Harley Quinn, and one as Bane. It was pretty fun. I will be posting a vlog about it on Wednesday.

My condolences to the families in Colorado who went through the tragedy before or during the movie… We live in a crazy heartless world. :/

Howard Stern and his “Interviews”.

Not linking the audio of his interviews with Bronies. Beyond disturbing. You want to listen to it, search for it on youtube yourself. *shivers* Beware, though, chances are your views on My Little Pony may change like they have for me.

I’m just going out with it, I like MLP:FIM series. I love the animation, the pl.. stories. The jokes, everything about it. It was nice to watch. Recently, though, Howard Stern decided to interview a bunch of… “bronies”. The answers were… to put it simply, disgusting.

At first, the only thing I had to go up against is “The show is for girls” and other similar arguments. Not valid reason for me not to “like” the show or whatever. Now people will be like “Oh, you jerk off to ponies”. How would I go up against that? These “bronies”, or better known as ”cloppers”… I don’t want to be in the mix with them.

How does this affect me enjoying the show? I can’t see them like I used to, now. I mean… I’d like to stick with the ponies through good times as well as bad times like these, but… this is way too much. I mean, my moral reputation is at stake here. How could I go a defend this when people like “them” are around?! Yes, I know, everything is corruptible. Every anime out there, hell, even furries, but… there was a bronycon full of these people.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just blowing this out of proportion, but again… I don’t want people confusing me or mixing me up with “them”… sigh, and I was looking forward to season 3, too. :/