Please help.

So my wife’s phone got stolen last night. Within about 20 minutes. See, at 11:30pm Patty and I were in the bedroom (watch it) watching her facebook statuses. Friends having their faces altered in photos and stuff. I decide to get up and go get a cup of water. I come back, she’s in the living room with her mother watching TV. We stayed up alittle longer and then I decided to go back to bed. We wake up, and no sign of her phone. We see the mosquito frame torn. Someone snuck their hand in and took the phone.

I don’t really like doing this, but I’m in real need of some help. I only want to get enough to buy her the same model of phone, which was a Huawei Y301A1. Nothing fancy, at least I don’t think it is. I just feel cheated that I work hard to provide for my wife, just for some unknown bastard with sticky fingers to take it away. Pictures and all…. dag’gon that just reminded me… *sigh* Noo, nothing perverted just embarrassing. To me, anyway.

Anyways, your generosity would not go unnoticed. I will draw you a sketch of your favorite character, or a thank you art piece and mail it to you. It may not mean much, but it’s all I have to offer.

Thank you for your consideration. My paypal email you can use is I really appreciate any help given.

The Caffeine! It does nothing!

Seriously, sometimes coffee does nothing to me but makes me want to go to sleep. It’s meant to wake up, right? Anyway, found out it’s because I’m dehydrated. Well, now I gotta drink water before I drink coffee. Ain’t that something.

Anyway, I put up a youtube vlog yesterday! :D More details other than the coffee.

So this week’s comic is the final page of chapter 6! Enjoy! =3

It’s a “dollar movie”

Ever used that expression? Down here where I live, there’s a theater where older movies go to after premiering in a larger theater. A movie premieres, is in theater for a good month or two, then goes on to a cheaper less expensive theater. Here, this 2nd theater charges about 1.25 per movie, on a weekday. (I like my occasional weekday outing)

When a movie isn’t that good, people usually say “Don’t waste your money, it’s a “dollar movie”“. 

Just curious if others use the same expression. My friend (honestly reconsidering our friendship status) states that X-Men: Days of Future Past is a “Dollar Movie”. Wasn’t that good. And also says that Spider-Man, was “Amazing”. No pun intended. Bah! I’m not going INTO spiderman. You wanna know what I think of Spiderman 2? Check out what The Escapist said - > Here

But I hear many good things of X-Men, so I wanna check it out. Haven’t had the chance to see it.

Anyway, page this week is called “Glad to be back”. Enjoy! :D

Art Critiques! Giving negative, when you’re no better

I receive some critiques, not a whole lot, where it takes a lot for me to take seriously. Example, a recent one I’ve received: Blank backgrounds, where it feels that the characters live in an empty void. This does not mean that I won’t work on that, it’s only how I feel about said “criticizer”. I check his comic and it’s only scribble lines. No color, no tones. The lines aren’t even straight!

Anyway, how can you make a critique about a certain detail, when you yourself are not any better?? I mean, how does that work?! Still, as I’ve stated, I will work on that and add the background on, at the very least, the first panel or two. Thing is, I only add the background when I feel it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t have the kind of time to work on a background on every panel.

On a side note, it also helps to read the previous pages to understand the environment the characters are in. Not just read that one page. *sigh*

All that mumbojumbo said, here’s the new page with the empty backgrounds. Natsuhiko-Okimo has a new look! About the empty backgrounds, blame it on the day job that drains 40+ hours of my day. :/

Road rage!! And some feelz. :/ And this week’s comic! :D

Seriously! People on the street need to get their heads outta their butts! You don’t own the road, gotdangit! Git’outta the fast lane! Oh! And this one guy that is going 60 on a 45, prepping to get onto the highway. Then as he gets on the highway… slows down. Seriously?! Good grief!

Sigh… ok… I’m alittle calm now. Just… needed to get that out there.

So yesterday I started feeling alittle discouraged about my drawing activity. Then I saw my wife and completely forgot about it. Doesn’t mean it’s gone, though. I was gonna share this with her, but every time I look at her, I forget everything.

So yeah, I was thinking what makes me think my drawing A) ever gonna get any better, and B) ever gonna go anywhere. I really want to see this take off but compared to others’ skill and, lack of. Both make a living. Great art and crap art, alike.

Though I’m doing the comic because I love story telling, and I love to draw. I just feel like nobody cares, and with the size of the community, and the world population it’s easy to feel that way. It’s a feeling that I have faced before, and it won’t be the last time, doesn’t matter what I do. I just hate feeling this way. -o-

Anyway, here’s this week’s page.

Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars! And comic update.

So I was out of town for FCBD so I couldn’t get any copies, or show my work to the local people. :( Maybe next year. I did, however, enjoy May the Fourth with some friends and my wife. So good times were had this weekend.

Speaking of weekend, this friday, Patty and I are going for a walk on the beach, until the sun sets. She loves the beach, the sand on her toes, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. :)

Anyways, here’s the new page for this week! Enjoy!

It’s super CALIENTE!! And Amazing SpiderMan 2

It was freaking hot Sunday and Monday was worse! Sheesh! I did NOT miss the heat one bit. The little bit of winter we had here, I miss it. Snuggling with a blanket at night, I sleep o so comfortably. Like a bear. :3

Anyway, this week’s comic. Right here.

So yeah, we went to the beach this past weekend and I got sunburned. Again. Wasn’t as bad as last time, though. Still enjoyed it, the water was very comfortable! Wasn’t very cold, just awesome. Wind blowing was pretty fresh, though.

Oh yeah! I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now let me just say, I’m a Sony-hater. I hate Sony, with a passion. Started with what they forced Capcom to do back in Megaman X5 and on. And then what they did with Spiderman 2 and 3. Anyway… just a personal boycott. I’d rather spend my money on other things than Sony stuff.

Anywhooligans. Yes, I saw ASP2, but only because our friend’s and I had nothing else to see. We originally wanted to see Rio 2, but they sold out. Rio 2!! Sold out over Spiderman. That’s gotta say something. As a movie, I think it was alright. But I still don’t count it as an official Spiderman movie. Personal opinion, I just feel Sony should sell the rights back to Marvel, (and Fox should sell those rights back to Marvel as well) and that way Marvel Studios could make an Avengers movie with everyone! Now I just sound like a fanboy… oh well. We’re all a fanboy/girl of sorts for something. This is me.

That’s enough of me. Hope you enjoyed my rambling and/or this week’s comic! :D

Aim Assist

This was actually made to poke fun at aim assist in video games. Really, they’re not a whole lotta help. You aim, very carefully, and then it nudges radically because the enemy twitched alittle.

Anyway, here it is 

It was a rough start, comic wise, this week but a very enjoyable one. Not a whole lot to talk about, except looking forward to Friday. Sleep late, and possibly going to the beach with my wife. Yay!

Oh Fuh

This week’s comic Akina continues beating up ‘ol Cromwell. 

image So yeah, the married life. It’s not as bad alot of people told me. Though it is just the start. The only struggle we’re really facing is financial, but we expected it. Hopefully not for very long, though.

Still, we’re very happy and I hope and pray that it stays that way. I have a bad habit, act first; think later. I really have to fix that. I love seeing her smile, knowing that she’s happy.

So yeah, ‘nuff ‘bout that. Free Comic Book Day is coming up, and I need to talk to Rouge’s Comics regarding an artist table. They said they usually set something up for local artists. They also said I probably won’t make it far here in the valley.

Fun fact: Rio Grande Valley, consists of Starr County, Hidalgo County, Willacy County, and Cameron County.

But yeah, I agree, though because people down here are stingy. What I gotta do is hit a con like SanJapan. One day…

Anyway, I got hit with writes’ block now, so I don’t know what to write at this point, just wanted to put something up. Hope I didn’t bore you! :’D And enjoy this week’s comic!